Praxis Framework

The Praxis Framework Certification Accredited by APMG International - Equivalent to three alternative courses.

You would need to take at least three separate project and programme certifications to reach the breadth of guidance provided by Praxis framework. The content of other discipline overlap - forcing you to study duplicated themes and conflicting terminologies if you want a complete and rounded view of the discipline. Being comprehensive, Praxis removes repetition by covering all the key areas - combining the value of three accreditations into one.

Example of how the Praxis Framework Certification strips out duplication:

  • If you chose to become a certified PRINCE2 or MSP practitioner, both have similar process models but use different terminology, so you would learn what is essentially duplicate information. With the Praxis Framework certifications, you learn about the process model once.
  • Taking Risk Management as an example theme, it covered by many introductory courses such as PRINCE2 and APM's PFQ. The fundamental nature of managing risk does not vary between programmes and projects, therefore Praxis Framework Certifications cover risk once and explains how it is applied to different contexts. The same can be said of other themes, Business Case, Organisation, Planning and Control.
  • Documents specified in PRINCE2 and MSP are also vey similar. When defining the context of Business Case and Stakeholder Management Plan or Strategy, the basic structure is no different in a project than in a programme. Therefore, the Praxis Framework Certification removes document duplication.

By stripping out the duplication, the Praxis Framework courses can offer training on all aspects of programme and project management for a fraction of the cost.

Syllabus areas covered by The Praxis Framework Certification

  • Context and overview
  • Organisation Management: sponsorship and management independently of whether they are applied at
  • programme and project level, Significant overlaps are eliminated.
  • Stakeholder Management: only one stakeholder session is required instead of three
  • Business Case
  • Planning
  • Control
  • Information Management
  • Assurance
  • Managing Scope
  • Manage Schedule
  • Manage Finance
  • Manage Risk
  • Manage Change
  • Manage Resources
  • Procedures
  • Interpersonal Skills


.. Foundation Examination

.. Practitioner Examination

.. Praxis Framework Professional Award

.. Chartered Project Professional Award