Agile Change Agent

The Agile Change Agent course is based upon the successful book “Agile Change Management – a practical framework for successful change planning and implementation.

This course has been designed to bridge the gap between the formal theories, models and techniques in Change Management and Agile Project Management, providing a follow-on course for those with the qualifications and an entry point for those who need the capability but haven’t studied the subjects in depth.

The course contents are drawn from the book Agile Change Management which is a practical guide to planning and delivering change using the Agile principles of incremental and iterative delivery.

This course provides insight into how to plan and manage all the activities needed to design, deliver, and adopt change in an Agile way. The course has a step-by-step plan that demonstrates how to deliver an evolving solution iteratively.

As well as the structural techniques for creating the plan and prioritising the work, this course includes techniques for the people side of change. We look at ways to build productive, respectful relationships with those we need to persuade to work differently, using two perspectives:

  •        Techniques for creating empathy between yourself and those you seek to influence.
  •        Techniques to build an environment that supports and encourages people as they adapt to new ways of working.

Benefits of this course:

Feedback from this course always emphasises how useful it is and how many problem-solving techniques it contains. People report having more confidence to plan, manage and take part in change initiatives following attendance on this course.

As part of the course materials, I provide you with a toolkit of checklists, techniques, and dashboards so you can start managing your change projects using what you have learned from the moment you leave the course.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at anyone who is taking part in change at work. It doesn’t assume that you are in overall charge of the changes, but recognises you are part of a team that has to create and successfully embed new ways of working.

Duration of the course: Typically, two days, if tailored to an organization it can be two or three days. 

APMG Agile Change Agent Exam: 

Multiple choice, 50 questions, 50% pass mark (25/50), 40 minutes, closed book.