APMG & Agile Business Consortium Scrum Master and Product Owner certifications

What is Scrum?

Popular and widely adopted around the globe, Scrum is a framework for developing, delivering and sustaining complex products through effective team collaboration.

The Scrum Master role

Scrum Masters are responsible for promoting and supporting Scrum as defined in the Scrum Guide. Acting as servant-leader for the Scrum Team, Scrum Masters do this by helping everyone understand Scrum theory, practices, rules, and values.

The Product Owner role

A Product Owner in Scrum is accountable for maximising the value of products resulting from the work of the Scrum Team and for shaping, ordering and communicating the goals and needs that drive and focus that work.


Fully accredited, two-day (for each level) training course. At the end of each course you will be able to sit the APMG Scrum Master or Product Owner examination; multiple-choice exams to be completed within 40 minutes.

You can complete the examination – either online or paper format – at the end of your course

Benefits & learning outcomes

  • Gain a deep understanding of the Scrum Framework - the theory, practices, roles, rules and values - as defined in The Scrum Guide.
  • Understand - in detail - the role of Scrum Master and/or Product Owner and how the role/s interacts with different members of the Scrum Team and other stakeholders.
  • Master the Scrum principles to better understand their application when returning to the workplace.
  • Understand how to construct an effective development team with an appropriate mix of skills and experience.
  • Learn how to facilitate Scrum Events and remove impediments to the Scrum Team's progress.
  • Help shape and refine product backlogs to guide early and incremental delivery of valuable products.
  • Drive adoption of the Scrum framework for more effective product and solution development, working with stakeholders and other Scrum practitioners to improve its effectiveness.

Who is it for?

Scrum training and certification is for anyone involved in product delivery using the Scrum framework.

Scrum Master training and certification will be particularly beneficial to those accountable for getting the most out of Scrum, including Scrum Masters, managers, and Scrum team members.

Product Owner training and certification is particularly beneficial for those operating (or aspiring to) as a Product Owner within a Scrum team.

12 reasons to choose the APMG-ABC Scrum Master certification:

  1. Source materials: The APMG-ABC courses, syllabi & learning objectives are based on The Scrum Guide (The Definitive Guide to Scrum: The Rules of the Game).
  2. Agile experts: Developed in partnership with Agile Business Consortium – leaders in promoting and enabling business agility.
  3. Quality materials: Course materials & exercises developed by experienced Scrum practitioners.
  4. Course experience: Courses are highly interactive to encourage collaboration and reinforce learning objectives.
  5. Wider business focus: Increased focused on Scrum’s application beyond IT & software development.
  6. Expert delivery: Courses delivered by APMG accredited trainers and training organizations. APMG’s accreditation processes are respected globally and accredited by UKAS.
  7. Consistent quality: APMG accredited providers use standardized accredited materials developed by the Agile Business Consortium and experienced Scrum trainers/practitioners.
  8. No recertification requirements: APMG Scrum Master and Product Owner certifications do not expire; candidates do not need to re-certify.
  9. Convenience: The APMG-ABC Scrum Master and Product Owner exams can be taken at the end of the course.
  10. Choose your format: The APMG-ABC exams are available in both paper and online formats.
  11. Free membership: Successful candidates are entitled to free 1-year membership with the Agile Business Consortium.
  12. Share your success: Successful candidates can claim a digital badge and share their success online.