Praxis Framework Professional Award

Demonstrate your project management experience in order to become a Chartered Professional

What is required?

  • The Praxis Framework Practitioner Certificate.
  • At least 5 years’ experience, with a proven track record of delivering projects, programmes or portfolios in a management, control or enabling role. Some of the projects, programmes or portfolios you have worked on must exhibit characteristics of complexity.
  • A breadth of experience in 20 Praxis Framework Professional competencies.
  • An advanced technical knowledge that enables you to confidently evaluate and analyse current practices and methods. 

Who is Praxis Framework Professional Award for?

Please see the ‘What is required?’ question above, as Praxis Framework Professional is for elite and experienced project, programme and portfolio managers. It is also a route to becoming a APM Chartered Project Professional.

Assessment Format.

  • A written submission including a summary of the case for you becoming a Praxis Framework Professional and summaries of your notable projects. 
  • Referee(s) endorsement.
  • A portfolio of evidence. 
  • A presentation to an assessor and a professional discussion.

For more information please contact one of our accredited advisors, or download the full candidate guidance. The application form is also available here