Praxis Framework

Perfecting projects and programmes. 

Fully optimise all aspects of project, programme and portfolio delivery with the free, community driven Praxis Framework. accredited by APMG International

By covering the full breadth of guidance needed for effective project and programme management within a single framework – Knowledge, Method, Competency and Capability - Praxis is the most efficient means of delivering projects and programmes.

Enabling success:

  • Completely comprehensive – encompassing knowledge, method, competency and capability.
  • Maximum efficiency – negating the need to cross reference or translate between guides by using a common taxonomy and terminology across all areas. 
  • The only best practice guide that supports all elements of the UK Government’s Project Delivery Standard.
  • Community driven – Praxis practitioners are encouraged to actively share insights and suggest improvements to any page of the framework, which will be considered for inclusion.
  • Easily tailorable to any project context.
  • Continual development – the entire framework is available for free online, empowering you to undertake professional development wherever and whenever needed. 

The Praxis Framework Certifications

The Praxis Framework Certifications confirm you understand and can apply the framework to projects and programmes – ensuring they achieve optimal results.

You would need to take at least three separate project and programme management certifications to reach the breadth of guidance provided by Praxis.

The contents of these certifications often overlap - forcing you to study duplicated themes and terminologies, risk management for example is covered by many certifications.

Being completely comprehensive, Praxis removes repetition by covering all of the key areas – combining the value of three introductory certifications into a single one.   

Illustrating the quality of the Praxis Framework certifications, the Praxis Framework Bridging Course has been endorsed by the Australia's leading project management association (AIPM) and the Association for Project Management (APM) now recognises Praxis Framework as a route to becoming a Chartered Project Professional (ChPP).

Certify your ability to:

  • Deliver projects and programmes successfully utilising a comprehensive framework.
  • Perform as a highly responsive project or programme manager – able to implement the framework at any stage of delivery.
  • Understand project and programme functions plus the processes and documentation used to manage lifecycle phases.
  • Develop and maintain an effective project or programme delivery infrastructure in a decreased timescale.
  • Apply and tailor Praxis to your organisation by inserting your own process model, templates and content into the framework.
  • Understand the similarities and differences between Praxis and other prominent guides such as: PRINCE2, MSP and the APM Body of Knowledge.