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Course: Agile Project Management with Simon Garlick

Thank you for the support. I can say genuinely what a great experience from start to finish. From discussing my plans, to meeting tutor and fellow candidate to completing the course and finally passing the qualification. All well worth the wait and the work. Thank you Rajiv and Simon Garlick. Commissioning Manager. Urgent Care.

Course: Change Management and Agile Project Management via Virtual Classroom (live interactive webinar)

Thank you for all of your input and the excellent delivery of both courses – as I said on the call to you, I found the training materials, style and method of delivery, all made for one of the better training experiences in my opinion.

Course: Change Management via Virtual Classroom (live interactive webinar)

Just wanted to say thank you for sending these bits across, and more generally for your time over the past two days. I found it really well structured, good atmosphere and pace and your teaching style is working well for me. Tom has also shared the same feedback with me.

Course: Agile Project Management via Virtual Classroom (live interactive webinar)

I think the the way you do the webinars is very engaging, with lots of examples that make it very easy to understand and relate. You are an excellent educator and I would definitely consider doing more courses with you.

Course: Agile Project Management via Virtual Classroom (live interactive webinar)
Excellent training provided by Raj Khanna Associates that saved me a lot of time. The approach was very well structured, the key concepts explained clearly and succinctly. Having worked as a Project Manager in a large organisation for the last 6 years, I gained great insights that will definitely improve the way I work. Raj was very supportive, provided all the information needed that ensured I passed the exam successfully. Strongly recommended. I am now starting my Scrum Master Training with Raj Khanna Associates this week.

Course: Change Management via Virtual Classroom (live interactive webinar)
I was a bit sceptical to begin with doing the course from home. But, as you know, it worked extremely well, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of doing a course in my pyjama's. The interaction was great, and my learning has mushroomed. I would 100% recommend this to anyone. As a trainer you pitched it just right and your style of teaching is excellent. The support and advice you give has been priceless. I will be now begin to start to use what I have learnt to make my work life better. Everyone needs to do this course no matter what type of role they are in, it is invaluable and can be applied everywhere. Thank you so much.
PS: I also did the exam in  my pyjama's! Honestly.

Course: Agile Project Management via Virtual Classroom (live interactive webinar)
Thank you again for delivering such a fantastic course and for providing all the supporting information, links and practice test questions.

Course: PRINCE2

Many thanks Raj and i really enjoyed your teaching style and how we learnt, it was an excellent 3 days and i forgot to say about the breaks we had...... sometimes when we are on training we have too many!!!! Although we had a lot of short breaks they worked really well and kept peoples concentration levels going, i just started to flag around 3ish..... but brilliant how you made it come alive and recapping all the time..... roll on Monday and my induction project!

Course: Agile Project Management

Thought you'd be pleased to note that i have been able to apply Agile Project Management methodology to my current role which has helped tremendously with audit trails and governance issues that i have been working on! 

Course: Agile Business Consortium Scrum Master (Piyush in Belgium)

Hey Masters and Masters of Masters, just arrived home and feeling very happy of the very nice and fruitful weekend, thank you again Piyush for your coaching, with patience. I will be waiting for the next possible course you may arrange. Enjoy your evening.

Lots of thanks for the Scrum Journey Piyush. I feel it was the most important weekend of my career. It was amazing to attend and meet all you guys. Nice evening everyone. Naoufel.

Course: Change Management via webinar

I recently became a member of the Change Management Group at the DVSA and was offered the opportunity to go on a week long residential Foundation course. I chose not to go for several reasons; I didn`t want to leave my home having to travel on Sunday night and stay in a hotel for 5 nights to return late Friday evening; Having read the syllabus I couldn`t understand why it was stretched out for so long and I thought if it was actually intense it wouldn`t allow me time to digest the subjects and ask questions at a later date. I also thought it was a dreadful waste of public money especially when I had researched it and discovered the Webinar approach;On a personal note I was a little apprehensive of the classroom approach with one teacher and 20 participants, how could we all get enough out of the course to make a difference.

So I chose the Webinar , I actually paid for it myself, I was sure I would gain more from it than in the classroom environment and get value for money. I was right, it was fantastic. The class was 5 people, each from differing backgrounds, working in different roles but each of us eager to learn and share our experience. I found it really interesting how many of the problems or scenarios we discussed appeared to have common threads and how when you step back and look at them, the lessons we were learning were providing the answers. I realised this on the 2nd Webinar session , I`d had 3 days to study and reflect on the 1st session, and the questions I had thought about were common amongst each of the students. That`s when I knew it was the right decision to opt for Webinar. It was cleverly structured to allow us to grasp an understanding of the topics and we were each asked multiple questions, often providing multiple answers, but eventually through reason and good leadership providing the right answer.A setting with 10,20 or 30 people would not allow for this interaction which was vital to the success of the course.

The obvious other benefits are being able to participate from the comfort of your own home, my  3 days course was spread over 8 days allowing me to `take it all in ` and of course the savings compared to the one week course were fantastic.

But the best thing about the Webinar was the togetherness of the small group, the bonds that were formed, the willingness to open and share experiences and the expertise with which Rajiv blended it all together with the syllabus.

I took my exam the day after completing the course and passed with flying colours. It was my 1st exam in over 30 years since leaving school, I was nervous but well prepared.

I have also signed up to do an advanced course - using Webinar of course.

Course:  Agile Project Management

The training overall was effective for me, I didn’t have a lot of time to read the whole handbook so most of my knowledge came from my notes and your sessions.

Thank you for a great learning experience. I really did find your style of teaching easy to understand and liked all the example you gave which helped me answer the question in the exam. I wasn’t too keen on the WebEx (webinar) idea at first but worked really well! Thanks again.. and will hopefully do another course with you in the near future.

Course: PRINCE2 Project Management

Thank you so much to guide us through the principles of project management, in a very positive, funny and diplomatic way.. I really enjoyed as student in your class.. the examples were great and motivated.. thanks Mr.Raj to find the time for us.. welldone.. thanks much.

Course: PRINCE2 Project Management

Thank you so much for sharing you knowledge with us. I strongly believe this will be very valuable for our team in moving forward towards better process in the Project Management.

Course: PRINCE2 and Agile Project Management

Raj trained and helped me to pass both the Agile and PRINCE2 foundation examinations and was a really engaging teacher. The training was done for a group of us via webinar and Raj quizzed us all regularly enough to keep us on our toes and ensure we did our homework between sessions! He made examples relatable and memorable so that everyone was able to understand them and provided plenty of past papers to ensure we were ready for the examination at the end.

Course: PRINCE2 Project Management

Biggest thanks to you Rajiv for all the sessions and motivating each one of us. It was an absolute fun studying with you. Thank you once again for all your help.

Course: Agile Project Management

Rajiv was an excellent teacher; he really helped hit home the major points of the course and made sure whole group contributed to the discussion and learning, which kept you on your toes! He used a lot of helpful real-world examples so it wasn't just jargon. I found the whole webinar experience really beneficial and helped me to learn a lot better than reading just from a text book or being in a classroom environment. It allowed me to be flexible with where I could take the course, feeling more relaxed and focussed, and the communication aspect with Rajiv and the class was really effective. Rajiv also went the extra mile and is still sending me helpful information 2-3 weeks after completion of the course. I asked for some advice on a project I am working on and he gave me helpful and detailed advice. I have recommended that my team do this course and I would also recommend that anyone else looking to learn project management methodology to do this course."I have attended PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Training organised by Rajiv. He was extremely helpful and professional tutor. His personally developed study tactics and videos are well more than you expect on the average training. He put much effort to pass his extended knowledge to each of the students. His is also tough when needed and very funny. Expect sleepless nights and lots of writing and drawings but it's worth it ! Thank you"

Course Name : Change Management

Really good course, liked the structure and pace. Raj engages every student, uses thought-provoking questioning and gives great examples. Would definitely recommend this course and this training provider. The format worked really well for me. I will definitely use Raj again.

Course Name : Change Management

The course itself was very interesting and the theory gained will help me achieve the necessary success when delivering change initiatives at work. Raj is a knowledgeable trainer and delivers the material in a way that allows you to absorb the information in an effective way. the training was delivered via web-ex and was very interactive allowing you to gain useful knowledge from other people's experiences. Raj is a very good trainer who provides real life examples that will benefit your learning. Keep up the good work and many thanks.

Course Name : Agile Project Management

Rajiv Khanna is a very good trainer. His sessions are excellent. During the interactive web sessions, he takes care of everyone on the course and makes sure everyone gets opportunity to ask questions and clear doubts. He provides quality material for the revision. I've had training from Rajiv for Prince2 Foundation, Agile Foundation and Practitioner tests. I've have really enjoyed the training and would recommend him. Thank you.

Other Comments from mixed courses including Managing Successful Programmes and PRINCE2 

“Excellent course which made a lot of sense and I can see how the knowledge gained will help me to make considerable improvements to my area of work and also on a personal level.”

"Excellent at giving a high level overview of PRINCE2® methodology which coupled with practical applications outside of the course could develop a greater understanding of the methodology. Good content, breaks sufficient and in the right places"

"Firstly, many thanks for an fantastic course! Over all, I have to say it was the best training course I have been on in terms of delivery, relevance of content and material. I am very much looking forward to the practitioner course next week."

"I just wanted to add my thanks for the PRINCE2® training, 20th, 26th and 27th February. You made it relevant, interesting and fun - what more could one ask for from training."

" Thank you so much for the excellently delivered PRINCE2 Foundation course on 21-24 Oct.
It was the best training course in terms of content and delivery and its applicability in real work/life .I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it and cannot wait to apply the principles formally in all future projects at work- big or small-starting from next week! I’m now seriously interested in doing the Practitioner course.

Your passionate training style, in depth knowledge/experience, personable approach, skilful dealing with questions and sceptics is truly impressive & inspirational.

Your constant reference to ‘real life’ examples made a complex methodology very easy to understand. The training resources were excellent, particularly your own manual. The pace and the frequent recaps were tremendously helpful for information retention and recall for the exam.

The course has also given a big boost to my confidence in my own working style- PRINCE2® principles are definitely the closest match to my personal approach to successful project management both at work and in personal life-the course has been a credible endorsement of this. Now, I can definitely respond better to people who’d dare to call me ‘procedural’ or ‘anal’ about doing things?. I’d recommend/send them to PRINCE2®" .

What people have said about the trainer...

"Very well run and delivered - seemingly complicated process made understandable with everyday example"

“Excellent! Made the subject alive and interesting…”

"Just a quick email to say thanks very much for all your help in the PRINCE® (both courses!) but especially in Practioner I wouldn't have passed it without all your help and fab tutoring, I feel I am now proficient(ish) in my project management in work and it has helped a lot, it has also helped me with promotion and I am now going to be a Head of Service from June! So thanks again"

”Excellent trainer good pace for all… responsive to concerns, questions and suggestions.”

”Raj paced the course just right to allow the full benefit of the training to sink in …”

”Knows his stuff and knows how to convey information in a format that is easily understandable.”

”Personable, wide experience, very good knowledge, able to answer all questions asked – definitely an attribute to the company”