Webinar: Planning, Managing and Delivering Change in a Post-Covid-19 World

  • July 15, 2020

Organisations can spend considerable time deciding whether an initiative should be managed as a programme or a project. There are rarely fundamental differences between the two, although inconsistencies found between different methodologies creates an unnecessary layer confusion in managing these.

A key concept of Praxis is that the dividing lines between projects, programmes and portfolio are blurred. Some ventures will exhibit characteristics of all three. Whether activity is a project, programme or a portfolio of actions depends on required levels of complexity of scope of the proposed activity – these can be expressed as outputs, capabilities, outcomes and benefits. The underlying principle is that the terms project programme and portfolio simply represent points on a continuum that is described by the complexity of the work being managed. 

During this presentation, we discussed the principles of Praxis and Change Management and how the application of these will ensure change initiatives are aligned to organisations’ strategic objectives, offering maximum value for money.

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