Webinar: Taking everyone with you: stakeholder engagement and change

Several year ago, the National Health Service in the United Kingdom introduced a concept of ‘nothing about you without you’. Rather than a clinician deciding what is best for their patients, the initiative was to give the patients an informed choice and give them an opportunity to decide which treatment they prefer.

However, there are still a number of clinicians that have a view that ‘I am the expert and I know what is best for my patients’. It is important that ‘things are done with an individual’, instead of ‘things being done to them’.

Furthermore, in a television programme, Holby City on the BBC, when being interview for a Nursing Director role, a nurse said this “if you want to bring about improvements in the catering department, ask the chefs and waiters, or if you want efficiency in the therapy department, discuss with the therapist”. Unfortunately, several organisations invite external consultants to redesign services, without any involvement with the staff that working in these areas.

The people referred above should not be referred to as ‘peasants’ anymore. They are called Stakeholders, who are defined as ‘those individuals or groups, who may be affected or can affect any organisational change’.

The session will review the process of identifying, analysing, engaging and communicating with Stakeholders. Poor engagement and communication, either at the beginning or during any organisational change, will have a detrimental impact on the outcomes and benefits, regardless of the quality of the change initiative.

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