Webinar: Over budget, over time, wrong solution: could Agile project management help?

You have successfully attended an accreditation course on programme or project management and have been managing change initiatives for several years. 

Are you confused by the terminology used in the different methods? Are you wondering what a new approach like AgilePM (Agile Project Management) may offer you?

During this presentation, we have provided you a high-level understanding of best practice approaches to change initiatives and where AgilePM fits in.

In addition, we have also demonstrated what the key elements of Agile Project Management are, and how these, using simple and non-IT examples, can increase an organisation's chances of success whilst minimising the level of risk.

This webinar is designed for project professionals at all levels (e.g. project managers, project support offices, project assistants, etc).

Please click here to watch the webinar on Agile Project Management hosted by APMG-International