Video: Explanation of Incremental and Iterative

Two words that are extensively used in the industry are Incremental Delivery and Iterative Development. Unfortunately, there is still a confusion as to whether they are the same thing or do they mean something different. We have created a short video to explain the terms using simple everyday examples and shared a development of a Laboratory Management System. We have had very positive feedback on the video:

  • Great video. Explains well the differences in the terminology well and the use of visuals really helps.  Agile & Scum are much better ways of arriving at solutions and profits more quickly.   Perhaps the next video can focus on the team structure, composition and behaviours that keep the momentum up? And I did notice a Big Green Egg in the background @ 10.00 as well.
  • Great video Raj.  Really helpful.  And it did not cost me £1.  😁
  • Thank you for your generosity in sharing this guidance and knowledge so freely in order to help people grow their skills and knowledge during this time. I really like the way you use simple examples to convey complex messages so clearly.