2018 News and Video Articles

As part of our support to the best practice management community, we have written blogs, presented webinars and created videos. Please view these and let us have your comments and suggestions

17 JUN 2018

Why does one of the key elements of organisational change, Benefits Management, does not work as effectively as we would like it to?

23 MAY 2018

There is an important question for project and programme professionals in 2018: now that you’ve passed your test, how are you learning to drive? Please review our view on how we can drive considerably better than we do, in terms of portfolio programme and project (PPM) methodology.

14 FEB 2018

You've supported your staff to attend an accredited training course on programme, project, or change management and successfully obtained their practitioner level qualifications. Implementing change in your organisation should now be easy, yes? Please review our thoughts.

06 JUN 2018

There are a number of project management methodologies around: Project Management Professional (PMP), PRINCE2, APMP and now Agile Project Management. What is Agile approach to project management and how does it help an organisation? 

15 MAR 2018

One of the major challenges during any change initiative is the level of stakeholder engagement required. Some organisations play lip-service to the concept, and hope the problem will go away. Unfortunately, it invariably comes to haunt them. In partnership with APMG-International, we presented a webinar on the topic.

28 MAY 2018

One of the major reasons why change initiatives fail to deliver benefits, is lack of clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Furthermore, different methodologies use different names of the same roles. We have provided a comparison of the terminologies used and our suggestion of what would be appropriate in an organisation. Ultimately, it is the organisation's choice

21 MAY 2018

Within several organisations, there is still a confusion on whether an initiative can be managed as part of business-as-usual, or does it need to be managed as a project or a programme. We have provided a simple explanation on the selection approach.

14 MAY 2018

Regardless of whether an initiative is being managed as business-as-usual, a project or a programme, principles of programme management should be followed. Please find a discussion on the the key element of these principles.

07 MAY 2018

All organisations are undergoing change of some sort, this can range from a single process to an entirely new way of working. With all the experience that is available, you would have thought that organisations would be delivering successful changes, unfortunately that is not the case. Please find our suggestions on a structured approach to change initiatives.