2018 News and Video Articles

As part of our support to the best practice management community, we have written blogs, presented webinars and created videos. Please view these and let us have your comments and suggestions

15 JUL 2020

Every country and organisation has been seriously affected by Covid-19 and this has had terrible ramifications on their activities.  As “normal” business in these sectors is resumed, it is important to understand how each organisation can effectively deal with the situation. 

10 JUN 2020

Difference between incremental and staged delivery of solutions

01 MAY 2020

How can Scrum framework help organisations in managing their change initiatives better?

27 APR 2020

Creation of a Benefits Map

20 APR 2020

Role Names used on Programme and Project Management

14 APR 2020

Difference between Incremental Delivery and Iterative Development.

06 APR 2020

Comparison of the roles between Scrum and Agile Project Management.

30 MAR 2020

Explanation of key principles of MoSCoW Prioritisation

26 JUL 2019

Organizations are going through rapid change, often driven by digital technology and changes in local and national priorities.

Therefore, it’s important to have a central repository – the PMO – where organizations have an oversight of all change initiatives and are able to co-ordinate them.

20 JUN 2018

Having spent a large amount of money sending staff members to accredited training courses, organisations are still finding that they are not delivering change initiatives effectively. One reason for this is the clarity of the use to documents including what the documents should be called. This video explains some of the available terminology and a way forward.