Coaching as an Enhancement to Training

Shared Wisdom coaching provides an enhancement to your training by creating calm conditions for you to think. Through a process of curious and skilful questioning, you will be enabled to reframe situations in an appreciative and regenerative way (sometimes with a gentle boot).  You will be encouraged within a confidential and structured coaching partnership to determine your focus, discover different perspectives and accountable development actions to address gaps in what being successful means to you. 

As part of your course with Raj Khanna Associates Ltd, we will provide a 30 minutes orientation call, depending on the outcome of this conversation, your needs and availability, we could initially offer up to 5 hours of coaching time. The orientation call focuses on discovering the direction and ground you want to cover and helps determine whether there is a positive connection between us in which we can work. Either way, there is no point in pursuing a coaching partnership, if we simply can’t get on together. Based on an initial agreement, we will agree how your coaching sessions are organised to achieve most benefit via a video call or similar.